onnx-extended: more operators for onnx

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onnx-extended extends the list of supported operators in onnx reference implementation, or implements faster versions in C++. Source are available on github/onnx-extended.

Use a C++ implementation of existing operators


import numpy as np
from onnx import TensorProto
from onnx.helper import (
from onnx.reference import ReferenceEvaluator
from onnxruntime import InferenceSession
from onnx_extended.ext_test_case import measure_time
from onnx_extended.reference import CReferenceEvaluator

X = make_tensor_value_info("X", TensorProto.FLOAT, [None, None, None, None])
Y = make_tensor_value_info("Y", TensorProto.FLOAT, [None, None, None, None])
B = make_tensor_value_info("B", TensorProto.FLOAT, [None, None, None, None])
W = make_tensor_value_info("W", TensorProto.FLOAT, [None, None, None, None])
node = make_node(
    ["X", "W", "B"],
    pads=[1, 1, 1, 1],
    dilations=[1, 1],
    strides=[2, 2],
graph = make_graph([node], "g", [X, W, B], [Y])
onnx_model = make_model(graph, opset_imports=[make_opsetid("", 16)])

sH, sW = 64, 64
X = np.arange(sW * sH).reshape((1, 1, sH, sW)).astype(np.float32)
W = np.ones((1, 1, 3, 3), dtype=np.float32)
B = np.array([[[[0]]]], dtype=np.float32)

sess1 = ReferenceEvaluator(onnx_model)
sess2 = CReferenceEvaluator(onnx_model)  # 100 times faster

expected = sess1.run(None, {"X": X, "W": W, "B": B})[0]
got = sess2.run(None, {"X": X, "W": W, "B": B})[0]
diff = np.abs(expected - got).max()
print(f"difference: {diff}")


    difference: 0.0

Build with CUDA, openmp, eigen, onnxruntime

The package also contains some dummy examples on how to build with C++ functions (pybind11, cython), with openmp, eigen with or without CUDA. It also shows how to create a custom operator for onnxruntime in C++. The build will automatically link with CUDA if it is found. If not, some extensions might not be available.

python setup.py build_ext --inplace
# or (not working yet)
pip install -e . --config-settings="--use_nvtx=1"

NVTX can be enabled with the following command:

python setup.py build_ext --inplace --use_nvtx 1

Experimental cython binding for onnxruntime

The python onnxruntime package relies on pybind11 to expose its functionalities. onnx-extended tries to build a cython wrapper around the C/C++ API of onnxruntime. cython relies on python C API and is faster than pybind11. This different may be significant when onnxruntime is used on small graphs and tensors.

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